For almost three decades CDMS and CDT have worked on the principle of being able to support statements, reports and conclusions with evidence that can be verified.

There are a variety of benefits to those who employ CDMS or work with us.

Our contracts are simple and straightforward. When employing CDMS to look at a project from a sustainable, ecological or ethical point of view, we will use the evidence we find to complete our findings. This allows those using our findings to prove to the public or board of governors for example, that they have followed all possible enquiries. This allows the client to continue with what they are doing or to adapt their situation to take into account our findings.

CDMS does not follow a narrative that is desired by the client. Again, this proves to interested parties that, contractually, CDMS is free from entanglement of having to support one way or the other. The evidence is where the report will lead.

Political Policy

At a time when the public opinion of politicians and governments, globally, shows they have little trust in them, CDMS has and will work to produce evidence based reports on policies that a government department or an individual politician may want to pursue. CDMS contracts state that there will never be interference in the work CDMS performs for a client. This ethos has been tested in the past when a government minister tried to bribe a CDMS member of staff. This event was made public. Thus, the reputation of CDMS remained intact and operational for future political groups to use, while accepting CDMS terms and conditions.

Industry and Commerce

Many countries are facing economic difficulties at present and the future may be somewhat of a worry. CDMS works to support the future proofing of businesses that have decided to become less environmentally damaging. CDMS offers support in this endeavour. But, as with any other group, CDMS will only work with the evidence. But, in all cases, this benefits the client due to our work being completely independent.

Charities, other groups and individuals

CDMS prides itself on its flexibility of problem solving. Therefore we are able to look into and help a great many organisations and individuals to find solutions.

We are always happy to have a short conversation with you about your needs via a Whatsapp call on the number provided. We have connections with thousands of consultants and groups globally. This helps to make sure we work to the highest standards and openly.