A message from the director

CDT and CDMS was started by three postgraduate students who felt there was a need for a connecting organization between the natural world and the human made world. Our slogan was 'working to bring human development and wildlife conservation closer together'.

For nearly 30 years CDT and CDMS have worked behind the scenes to bring about positive change in a world with many issues to resolve. From creating biological educational courses for organisations such as the UK Forestry Commission through to negotiating between protesters and the runway 2 project team on a £200 million project at Manchester Airport. Leading expeditions focused on the environment being travelled through, to online 'global ecology' courses.

As a mammalian biologist/ecologist I have worked in the conservation field for over four decades. My postgraduate studies concerned Overseas Rural Resource Management, helping me define human interactions with the planet.

CDMS is a consultancy that supports agriculturalists, businesses, land owners, students and individuals. Consultancies last from one hour to regular, long term contracts.

Our courses are aimed at supporting those who want to learn more about how our planet and human made systems interact. From training guides and porters on Kilimanjaro to be able to support their clients so they will look after and understand the environment better, to gaining more repeat business, to supporting large companies in how to future proof their business due to the changing perceptions of potential and existing clients.

Due to having a long history, qualifications and huge experience in both the human economic and systems area and the natural world, we are perfectly placed to understand and advise, teach and train within this huge and fascinating field.

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