Working to bring human development and wildlife conservation closer together

For nearly 30 years CDT and CDMS have worked behind the scenes to bring about positive change in a world with many issues to resolve. From creating biological educational courses for organisations such as the UK Forestry Commission through to negotiating between protesters and the runway 2 project team on a £200 million project at Manchester Airport. Leading expeditions focused on the environment being travelled through, to online 'global ecology' courses.

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Our consultancy ethos is based on individual needs when viewing the future. If you are a company, an individual, charity of group, learning and being guided through present day changes leading to a required adaptive future , CDMS has the skills and ability to support you. With such a complex subject such as 'Global Ecology', our goal is to help you, your business or group to adapt and navigate you way to a positive future.

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Our Courses

Our courses are flexible and usually bespoke. Residential courses are limited to ten people in order to make sure we can reach our goals and standards. Online courses are for groups or individuals and can support a huge variety of people wanting to know more about our present and future on earth. Global Ecology is a complex subject. Our goal is to allow you to understand your place and future on a changing planet.

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We cover the following areas:

Global Ecology, both natural and human made.
Helping to future proof business's.
Support change in the way we teach.
Supporting politicians in changing the overall approach to life on earth.
Advising the agricultural industry on future systems to secure a future.
Bringing organisations together that have the same goals of securing the future of our planet for all.
Environment event management.

"Our work is to teach and train others so they can help in the overall global effort to change the way we live and therefore allow life to continue."

Founder - Nick Dubois